Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My cousin Jillene is leaving tomorrow for BYU Hawaii and we went to a going away Luau for her this past weekend. It went really well and the boys had a blast!
I took mostly video but here are a few pictures of the boys in their Hawaiin get-up.

Landen and his weird faces.

Cute little Boston

A couple of studs.

Here's a video of Landen doing one of the Tongan dances, He LOVED it!

Ninja turtle

I am hoping that this...

Turned into this......

and this....
will eventually become what will be a couple of awesome ninja turtle shells. Landen loves ninja turtles and that's what him and Boston want to be for Halloween. Landen has to be Leo of course. I looked online for costumes, but they are so expensive and they look so cheap! SO we are home making some ninja turtles.
Wish us luck.