Monday, June 30, 2008

Rob's 31st Birthday

We started out the day with a big breakfast of Rob's choice. He decided on Eggs, Bacon, and Toast. The boys loved it too, look at Landen's little smirk in the background.

Then the boys helped daddy open his present from them. Landen actually picked out half of Rob's present.

Landen picked out the big bag of Peanut M&M's, and I helped them pick out the movie Better Off Dead.

My Aunt Brenda offered to come and watch the boys for us so we could go out.

We went and saw the movie and it was HILARIOUS!

We were going to eat at The Blue Wasabi, but Rob decided he would rather go to Gordon Biersch instead.

The food was really good. This was our appetizer, Chicken and Shrimp Potstickers. Yummy!

I got Rob a Helicopter Tour in Sedona for his gift, but he decided that it would make him to nervous so we went and got him a new bike instead.

We had a really good time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!

Thursday, June 26, 2008



The YW Pres. in our ward called me 2 days ago and asked if I would choreograph for the roadshow. The theme is heroes, but not spiritual heroes. Our ward chose James Bond, but decided they want to make it more of a James Bond verses Nacho Libre meets Old Time Western. Yeah, don't ask me how I'm going to choreograph this. I guess I will have to do a little Hip Hop meets Martial Arts meets Clogging. This should be very interesting.

First Monsoon Storm

Today was the very first monsoon storm of the season. This is the good thing about AZ summers. Landen and Boston were just fascinated by the rain. They would have tried to go prancing in it if we wouldn't have been standing right there.

It was SO muggy afterwards, I felt like I was on the East Coast. But I still love the storms and I hope we have many many more to come.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We went to Charleston's for an early birthday
dinner for Rob since everyone will be out of town on his actual birthday. Most of my family, and a few of Rob's friends all came, and we had a pretty darn good time.

(Brendan, Boston and Rob)

My family all seemed to enjoy the food, but there are so many of us, we practically had to just text each other to communicate all the way to the end of the table.Autumn wasn't very happy cause she was missing Levi!

Landen just loves Grandma and Auntie Autumn.

Sierra, Blazer, Autumn, and Canyon were obviously not enjoying all my picture taking.

Cedar and Grandpa are a bit camera shy.

Do we look alike?

The Boys were definitely enjoying daddy's dessert!

My family got Rob a couple gift cards to one of his FAVORITE stores, Bass Pro Shop.
It was a fun night and this Saturday me and Rob are going out on his actual birthday. Blue Wasabi here we come.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Food Storage

I just stole this from my friend Katie, but I HAD to put this website up. If you are like me and either haven't started on food storage or just want to know what's on sale, there is this awesome link that tells you everything that is on sale at the grocery stores in your area. This site is pure genious and extremely helpful for people like me. The link is Go check it out, it can save you a lot of time and money!


Since I love being around the water so much and since we live in a place where pools are everywhere, I really wanted to get the boys started with swimming lessons at a young age. So I am giving Kelly private tap lessons in exchange for her giving the boys swimming lessons. It works out perfectly! The boys started a couple weeks ago and they are doing pretty good. Here are a few pictures. I will definitely keep updating on their progress!
This is Landen after he went under for the first time.

Boston with Uncle Sage and Landen and Kelly in the background doing kicks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Taking after his big brother Landen, Boston just loves his pacifiers. You know what they say about pacifiers, you can't have just one.

(Landen at Boston's age)

Boys Birthdays

A few weeks ago we had a combined birthday party for Landen and Boston. Their birthdays are only 12 days apart so we figured we could get away with it since they are still young. We had family and a few friends over and the kids swam.

We BBQ'd hamburgers, chicken, and of course hot dogs!
We had a shark pinata and all the kids had a really hard time giving up the bat for the next person to take a turn.
But they LOVED the candy and presents.

But the best part was definitely the cake. We gave Boston his very own cake for his 1st birthday and here is a sequence of pictures on how that turned out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bottomless pit

I just wanted to make a note of how much my son eats. Boston can give all of us a run for our money when it comes to consumption. He is getting more and more picky, but when he finds something he likes, there is no stopping him. He also drinks about 2 gallons of liquid a day at least! For such a little guy he sure can put away the food.

Blog Virgin

I am definitely a blog virgin. Since this is my very first post, I figured I would tell about our clan.
Rob is working for SRP and HATING the AZ heat right now. He works out in the sun in a hard hat, long sleeves, jeans, and steel toe boots. Not fun when it's 113 degrees outside! But he's a trooper and keeps on going. He is working on getting a lineman apprenticeship right now. I am on summer break from teaching at the dance studio. I try to take my boys out to play in their pool everyday because it helps me work on my tan and does wonders for their nap time! Landen and Boston are taking swimming lessons right now and are doing pretty good. Landen is hit and miss with the water but Boston is a natural born fish. Rob's 31st birthday is next Saturday so we are looking forward to celebrating that!