Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary (by the time you read this it will probably be the 25th). Me and Rob got married February 25, 2005, later to be sealed for time and all eternity to our boys and to each other December of 2007.

Quick version of how we met:
I was living at home and taking dance classes at CGCC. A friend of mine (Cami Herbert!) was also living with us and her cousin was getting married in Sedona. Cami and I were totally broke and needed some extra money so we decided to go donate Plasma for the first time, same day as her cousins wedding. Cami, Sage, and I head to the Plasma place and what should have been a little interview of quick questioning and blood testing , turned into a 6 hour long process. They tell you to eat and drink a lot before you donate so we had a big breakfast before we left. But by the time we actually got to the "donating" we had nothing in our system. We get started and all of a sudden I turn totally pale and start to get really light headed and dizzy. So the people in charge run and get me a juice box and some crackers so I don't pass out. Then we finish, get our cash and race home. We were already running way later than we planned and we still had to get home and get ready and drive out to Sedona. Not only that but we had gotten the time of the wedding wrong. So we had already missed the ceremony. We were debating whether we should even go, then last minute headed out the door. We got to Sedona right in the middle of the dinner and felt really stupid walking in when everyone was already seated and eating. Everyone was just finishing up and the DJ started playing, but no one was heading out to the dance floor. Me and Cami decided we were both dancers so we should go get it started and everyone would follow, which they did. Then there were these 2 guys that came and started dancing with me and Cami (Rob and his friend Matt). Rob actually went to dance with Cami and Matt started dancing with me then half way through we switched and danced together the rest of the night (even though I thought for sure he was only like 19, turned out he was 26!). He gave me his number and told me to call when we got home to let him know we were safe. I did, but he didn't answer. But he did call the next day and the rest is history.

Who would have thought I would meet my husband at a wedding! A wedding of someone I didn't even know!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Good news and Bad news.
The Bad news is that my headaches are back and now I have to go get a Catscan. I will either be getting it done tomorrow or Monday, depending on when they schedule me. I won't find out till tomorrow morning. It will take pictures of my brain and my sinuses so hopefully we can find out what's going on!
The Good news is that Landen is COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!!!! YAY!!! He has done such an awesome job! He had a hard time going #2 in the potty at first, but now he has it down pat. He wakes up dry and doesn't even have any accidents any more. After only 2 weeks, he has turned from a baby to a big boy. He has even peed outside for the first time and he loved every second of it! What a boy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Silly Boy

ROB: "Hey Landen, are you a handsome man?"
ROB: "Am I a handsome man?"
ROB: "Is mommy a handsome man?"
ROB: "Is mommy a sexy momma?"
ROB: "Is Boston a handsome man?"
ROB:"Then what's Boston?"
LANDEN: "An Elephant."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is Sleep?

Well last night was one heck of a night. I just don't understand why our boys DO NOT SLEEP! Boston is teething, so i guess he has a small excuse, but he wakes up just crying . We finally had to leave him in his room to cry it out. And like 2 hours later he finally was quiet. Landen has only slept through the night maybe 3 or 4 times his entire life. And he's 2 1/2!
He has night terrors and has since he was a baby. He is up at least 6 or 7 times a night. I am SO TIRED!!! This happens every single night. I am about to start drugging my kids (but Benadryl doesn't work on them, I know, I've already tried.).
Any suggestions out there on some things to make them sleep?!