Monday, March 9, 2009

Disney Fairy! HELP!

I need people's creative help!! I feel like the White Rabit cause I just don't have the time!

As you know, we are going to Disneyland next week, March 16-21. So I decided to make a tradition for our kids. Instead of spending tons of money on things in the park, each night when we get back to the hotel (we are going to the park 5 days) there will be a wrapped gift on each of their pillows from "The Disney Fairy", or whatever name we come up with. Yes, I said "we" meaning you readers.
I need a cute little saying to go with each gift. It can rhyme or not, I don't care. Just something cute and clever. Not even all the gifts are Disney related. I also need to come up with WHO left the gift. It can be a different character each night or the same person (example: Disney Fairy).
Here are the items (they are in no particular order of what night they will be given):
1.Mickey Mouse hooded towel I made- this is the only one I have pics of.
2. Silly string
3.Disney books
4. Elephant and Lion stuffed animal
5. Donald Duck and Buzz Lightyear cups w/straws
Ok now get your creative juices flowing and leave your sayings and ideas as a comment. PLEASE, I know you are all very creative and I am very short on time!

A few more crafty crafts

These are a few of my projects recently.

My sis Cedar turned 13 on Feb. 28th and I wanted to give her something cool. So I thought a mirror would be good since most teens LOVE to look at themselves. So I decided to get out some ribbon and some knick knacks and this is what I ended up with:

I have been wanting to make some shadowboxes of the boys for a long time. Thanks to Hobby Lobby and their awesome sales I was finally able to do it. This is each of the boys suits they were blessed in.

They were so tiny!

I'm very baby hungry.

Good Job Rob!

This is a shoutout to Rob and everyone else on his soccer team.

Rob plays on an indoor league on Saturdays. They had the championship game this past weekend and they won....AGAIN!! This is the 2nd CHAMPIONSHIP IN A ROW these guys have won!
Good Job Rob and the rest of The Recruits!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boys Room

If you know Landen, you know how OBSESSED he is with animals. Especially safari animals. He thinks he's an elephant. I hadn't done anything with the boys room, so I decided to give them a safari -type -theme. It's still a work in progress. But decorating can get REALLY expensive, so I got creative. I knew I wanted their names on the wall somehow, but to buy those "hanging letters" would cost me around $68 or so at $6 a piece. No way. So this is what I came up with, for MUCH cheaper!

I got the frames at Walmart for $1.50-$2.00 a piece, got on the computer and designed a safari background and printed it off, went to HOBBY LOBBY and got the scrapbook paper in zebra and giraffe print for under $1 total for all of it, and bought the matching ribbon on sale for $3 total and Wahla!
This lamp I got at Good Will. It was all white and plain (I should have taken a before pic) but the exact size and style I was looking for. So I used the leftover giraffe print paper and covered the lamp then added some ribbon for the finishing touches. It turned out pretty cute, as long as you dont look to close (lots of flaws!). But at least the boys are proud of their room.