Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Temple Lights

We took the boys to see the temple lights and they were as beautiful as ever. Sage and Kelly came too and the boys were just as happy to see them as they were the lights.
Boston with Uncle Sage and Aunt Kelly. All Bos kept saying was," Ooo, Wow!"
I love this picture of Landen in the Visitor's Center, just pondering.
You can barely see it, but we tried to get a picture with the temple in the background.

SRP Santa's Candyland

A few weeks ago we went to the SRP Christmas Party. It was pretty awesome, they had lots of Carnival Rides, Food, Games, a Boutique, and Snow! Landen was only big enough to ride one of the rides, but we still had lots of fun.

Landen enjoying the train ride, the only ride he was tall enough to go on.

Landen loved the animal toys,

And Boston enjoyed the food!

Poor little Bos wasn't tall enought to ride =(

The Boys had fun playing the carnival games.

They brought in 18 tons of snow and flew Santa in on an SRP helicopter. Boston loved the snow, but Landen didn't like getting his hands dirty.

Here's a view of some of the rides.

The boys had a great time and hopefully they will be tall enough to ride a few more rides next year.

2008 Family Pictures

It had been a really long time since we had taken family pics so we decided it was a good time to do it. Here are some of my favorites!
(Some of you haven't seen my bro's and sisters since they were much younger)

Boston was so ready for a nap, these were the best smiles we got out of him.

Don't you just love Boston's face!

The 2 little stinkers

Landen LOVES getting his picture taken!

Landen and Boston with Grandma & Grandpa

The boys with Great Grandma Linda

Here's the whole crew (the 2 some of you might not recognize is Kelly-Sage's Fiance and Levi- Autumn's Beau)

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Let me know which ones are your favorites!
Thanks Kresta for awesome pics!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Eight Things.......Tagged by Kylee!

Eight things I am passionate about: my husband and boys, music, dance, Christmas!, making sure my boys have a good life, the gospel, family, and beauty.

Eight words or phrases I use the most: No No Boston, Shake your bo-dy, Do you want to go in time-out?, Ok here we go, Again from the beginning, Love you boys, More Personality!, Do you need a clean diaper?

Eight things I want to do before I die: Have more kids, be in more shows, own my dream house, go to Hawaii, do something amazing, have grandkids, have pigmy goats again, live somewhere that actually has 4 seasons.

Eight things I need right now: A Diet Coke, Money, to go on a date with Rob, Landen to be potty trained, a bigger house, a nap, to clean my bedroom, to do laundry.

Eight places I want to visit: Hawaii, New York and Boston again, Bahamas, Disney World, Universal Studios, Utah, Las Vegas, Paris?

Eight favorite restaurants: Charlestons, Cheesecake Factory, Chilis, Papa Kelseys, Texas Roadhouse, Panda Express, Papa Johns

Eight TV shows I watch: Heroes, Top Chef, Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Chuck, Little Einsteins, Max and Ruby, Go Diego Go

Eighth folder, Eighth picture:

This is my dog Cosette in the middle of giving birth. See, there is one puppy under her leg already.

I tag... April, Jen, Amy, Katie, and Kelly!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Splish Splash

This is why bath time is done at night at our house!

(Notice how soaked my pants are. It only got worse!)

Joy to the Fishes

After having him for a really really long time, our Beta Gus , swam his last swim. So we took the boys to get a new Gus. For some reason they had no Male Beta's at the store we went to, but the boys were so excited about getting a fish that we couldn't come home empty handed. So we thought this small tank would be perfect for their first fish tank. We bought 2 black Molly's, 1 white Molly, and 1 Crab. Landen named the 2 black fish Quincy and June, the white fish Annie, and the crab Leo (can you tell he LOVES Little Einsteins?!). Landen is SO proud of his fish and he takes such good care of them. He feeds them and even says Good Morning and Good Night to each one of them every day.

Putting up the tree

I think out of everyone, I have the most fun putting up the tree. It still isn't finished yet because we decided it would be the best idea to go buy shatterproof bulbs this year. The boys LOVE the lights, but I think their favorite part was........
The Box.
Right before they tipped over backwards!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bittersweet day

Well we finally sold the Kia. I loved my little SUV. I'm sad to see it go, but it is SOO worth it. Some people from Canada bought it for cash and now we will be able to get almost completely out of debt (with the exception of the mortgage). Going down to one vehicle will be hard, but we only owe a little bit more on the truck, then we can get another SUV. We had to sell the Kia anyway cause when I have another baby we wouldn't have been able to all fit in the Kia. We were very very blessed to be able to sell our vehicle with the economy how it is and to get almost the full amount we asked for. Heavenly Father wants us to get out of debt as much as we do!
Goodbye Kia, you will be missed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping

We left the house at 10am yesterday morning and 9 hours, 1 Mall, and a million stores later, I am ALMOST COMPLETELY DONE with all my Christmas shopping!!! I still have to get for Rob cause he was with me yesterday. He was a very good sport and only complained a little bit =). Although, after we got home, he kept saying how much his legs hurt and he could barely walk. I told him that just means we don't go shopping nearly enough! The boys love being out with us, so they were really good too. I am trying to get things done early as possible this year so that I'm not racing around last minute. Things are busy enough as it is with my classes Christmas recitals and my Primary kids doing the Christmas program at church. I want to be able to actually get to slow down and enjoy the season this year. Even though I'm pretty much done with shopping, I'm sure I won't be able to resist the After-Thanksgiving-Day Sales anyway! Better start building up those walking muscles Rob!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


On Halloween we had a full night and the boys had a blast. First we took the boys trick or treating around the neighborhood, then we went to our ward's Halloween carnival and Trunk or Treat, then came back home for more trick or treating, then the kids went to bed and me and Rob stayed up and watched some scary movies. Thanks to everyone for their Halloween party invites, but we didn't end up having a babysitter. But we ended up having tons of fun regardless!

Rob dressed up in his Coast Guard uniform.

You can't see it very well, but I wore one of my old ballet costumes. Old pointe shoes and all.
(Look familiar Kylee?!)

The boys playing with some of the kids in the ward.

The kids made out like bandits! It must be because they are the cutest Giraffe and Frog around!!!

Picking Pumpkins

These were the best ones we could get with the boys.

Like mother like son

Maybe I do need a little girl, for reasons like this.
Rob obviously wasn't home when I did this.