Monday, February 22, 2010

Pallas's Blessing

Pallas Rose Chiste was given a fabulous blessing on February 7th, by her loving daddy. Rob was really nervous because this was his first baby blessing he has ever given. My dad did both Landen's and Boston's. Even though he felt like he was gonna pass out, Rob did a great job and all of us listening could feel the love he has for his baby girl. I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful family.

My bishop also did something I've never seen before. He had me stand up after the blessing and be recognized as well. My grandma pointed out to me what an awesome thing that was and how much respect and gratitude our bishop knows us moms deserve.

(I thought I would show the family at our norm. The boys not paying attention and Pallas getting bored.)


Dustin & Kylee Nickerson said...

I thought that was really a neat thing your bishop did too. I have never seen that done either and agree with your grandma that its really nice to recognize the mother! It was a beautiful blessing Rob and a wonderful day. Thank you for including us!!

Katie said...

All my family pictures with my kids at this age were just like yours. I couldn't get them to look at the camera for the life of me! Jocelyn is finally into it but Cecily still could care less. And I don't blame Rob for being so nervous. I'm always so grateful that I don't have to do it!

Anonymous said...

Pallas is really cute..